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Made in 2020!
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Anastasia Khudina
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13 Ağustos 2021
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Made in 2020!

Most advanced imageboard client with a lot of features:

– Supports new 2021 4chan and 2ch captcha
– Minimalistic UI, designed for large screens
– Instant image: integrated google image search engine
– Reverse image search
– Low battery consumption – about 50% less compared to Chrome browser
– Function to save all images in thread
– Instant video playback
– Cached videos, images and threads
– Remember position in threads
– Save threads and read offline
– Supports domain mirrors (2ch.pm is NOT supported yet – work in progress)

If you can’t find something you need, feel free to ask in support thread – open Settings – tap on “Bug reports & ideas” and post your question.

Güncelleme Detayları

- Fixed custom user flags not being displayed on /pol/
- Added cookie export option in Platforms - 4chan.
- Added "ignore by name" and "ignore by tripcode"

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